Available Payment Options In Restaurants

Restaurants and consumers are continually advancing, affecting one another, and adjusting to the trends of today. Technology has made a drastic impact on both restaurants and customers in this evolution. The impacts of technology can be seen generally in the way costumers approach payments for their meals. As technologies enhance and advance, customers try to use new sources for payment methods when eating out. In the past, traditional point-of-sale (POS) solutions were slow took significant time to learn how to utilize. Traditional payment techniques have revealed a large flaw in their timeliness. Taking 10 minutes on average, the payment technique timing issues are only aggravated as tables increase in size. For example, table with more than six people, you can expect to see a corresponding increment in the time it takes for payments to be finished by 90 seconds per person. Therefore, more and more restaurant owners are looking for better technologies to help speed the check-out process. Most of the full-service restaurants increased their spending on back-of-house technology in the last year.


dining at a restaurant

We have a considerable progress happening in the payments world. Restaurants have begun to incorporate new forms of payment technology. Now, costumers prefer payment features that are quick and convenient for them so they can get in and get out rapidly. Luckily, restaurants have the ideal opportunity now to eliminate friction within payments, make consumers happy and enable their staff to serve customers easily.


Alternative Payments Methods Within Restaurants


The main types of technology that restaurants have made a priority of utilizing are cloud-based tablet POS system instead of a traditional cash register and using a website more effectively by giving clients the alternative to order online. Less prominent solutions include mobile payments, mobile applications and tabletop/kiosk tablets. With consumers aged 18-34 being the most influential in mobile payments are looking towards mobile payments, digital wallets, and pay-at-table options. In response, the owners seeking to upgrade their methods are investing money in new digital technologies aimed at taking this market.


Independent restaurants fight to include the most recent forms of payment technology, as they don’t generally have the funds to include them in their business strategy. Typically, chain restaurants and franchises have more assets and money to install these modern forms of technology.

Mobile payments at a restaurant

  • mPOS Adoption Is Rising


Over the recent years, research and experimentation including mPOS have happened across the industry as a solution to bring the point of sale to the point of service. First, mPOS has been perceived as a method for micro-merchants and SMBs.  In 2016, larger merchants have affirmed real ROI on their mPOS investments, including quicker checkout, shorter lines, expanded up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and the capacity to make pop-up events in high traffic areas.


  • EMV Transitions Are Following a Semi-Integrated Model


EMV transitions are complex because new and detailed communications must be implemented at each touch-point for card information within the POS infrastructure and any changes to this infrastructure can affect PCI consistency.  Semi-integrated solutions keep card information from entering the POS, instead, it’s encoded and routed directly from a protected smart terminal to the merchant’s card processor. This allows merchants to easily and rapidly incorporate with payment devices and isolates payment processing, therefore diminishing their PCI consistence scope.



  • Pay-at-the-Table


This technology becomes a major factor in the market and is already standard in developed countries, and that’s mostly due to EMV. In an EMV world, it’s best practice for cards to never leave the consumer’s possession during a transaction. For example, Apple Pay requires either a fingerprint ID or PIN to check the transaction. The payment method can’t come to the POS. Clients aren’t going to turn over their smartphone or PIN, so the POS must come to the client. So, there is less waiting for customers and consequently higher tips for servers.


  • Omni-channel Payments


More restaurant merchants are searching for ways to differentiate themselves by enabling clients to pay in multiple ways utilizing multiple channels.  Restaurants are allowing consumers to start an order on one channel, for example, via smartphone and complete it in the restaurant. The goal is to remain connected to customers throughout the whole purchase journey, whether online, in-store or on smartphones. Restaurant owners are researching how to advance this experience by learning how to anticipate preferences of regular customers to help build trust with the brand, while also providing clients and students with a regular experience.


  • More Mobile Payment Options Are Arising:


Consumers are willing and increasingly able to pay for their meal via smartphone. Customers can pay via smartphone while at the counter, at the table – with or without staff intervention and pay on-the-go, before visiting their location. Today, the predominant mobile payment solutions are Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay, LevelUp, Samsung Pay, Square, OpenTable, LoopPay, and Paypal, however, it appears there’s another market entrant weekly, including bank-specific solutions, like Wells Fargo’s and Chase Pay recently announced mobile wallet. Newer features incorporate loyalty program integration to help drive stronger client engagement and the capacity to accept coupons. FSRs don’t need to accommodate each wallet type yet it should ensure they’re meeting consumer needs and preferences by supporting the ones their clients want to utilize.





Keep an eye on these new payment techniques which are likely to rise in popularity, and ensure your back-of-house advances are up-to-date and prepared to deal with the wealth of new information resulting therein. While considering whether to profit from these trends for your business, it’s important to assess how it will influence your consumers’ experience. While some updated, like improving security are necessary, consider how changes to your payments process will make it easier or more difficult for your clients to pay by conducting ‘eyes of the customer’ experiments.


For restaurants to remain relevant, it’s essential for them to coordinate the latest forms of payment technology. Not only to cater towards the digital-driven customer but also for improved security. By incorporating mobile payments, implementing new technology and alternative payments, and upgrading their products and solutions, restaurants will have the capacity to boost their income and consequently gain loyal customers.










A Social Media Day of a Restaurant Owner

Armed with a Spatula and Smartphone: A day in the Life of a Restaurant Owner


The business side of food is hard work.


You may be able to whip up recipes that everyone loves, but that can never be enough if you’re going to make a business out of it. A lot of planning goes before the opening of a restaurant. From the theme and decoration to determining how much it will cost to execute the business and actually putting work into ensuring that customers don’t just come once. You should be able to deliver awesome social media marketing in de horeca and not just be able to get found in the local streets.

They should enjoy the experience at your restaurant so much that they tell their friends to come try out your scrumptious meals too (word-of-mouth referrals remain the most credible).


Running a restaurant is a huge responsibility, and would be extremely hard to run if you don’t plan to put your full attention on it, especially at the initial stage. Be prepared for long hours of not only coming up with menus and preparations but also with managing staff, customers, and even suppliers.



Don’t run away just yet!

Life is all about taking responsibility for whatever you plan to do with your life. It doesn’t matter if you abandon your dreams of running a restaurant; you’d still have to work just as hard in any other business you switch over to. But if you have the passion then despite the stress that comes with it, you will find fulfillment in ensuring your customers are happy with every bite that disappears off their plate.


Your passion will keep your eyes on the prize. Even when you come across the occasional troublesome customer, or the fries get a little too crispy to be served on that bad day, or your assistant who never remember that cilantro isn’t meant to be used as toppings on a hot dog, even though you had corrected that mistake a thousand times.


Will your head hurt? Will you need to find your happy place more often than before? Will you feel like burying your head in comfort food each day till quite a long time into the business?

The answer is ‘yes’ to all those questions, but every bite that disappears of that plate, whether it’s disposable or made of China, makes it worthwhile.


Social Media

Social Media plays a great role in today’s business. You can set up a business page easily by cloning your personal Facebook profile into a business page (your friends become your followers automatically!) and put up cool pictures, which is also great for Instagram content.


You have to work hard to give your business whatever exposure you can afford, and with how popular social media is today, it provides you a great audience that you can show off your restaurant to without meeting them one-on-one. The best way to get up in their faces without actually getting up in their faces is to fill your timeline with interesting posts and pictures about your restaurant daily. All it requires is a bit of time, which you could probably squeeze in during short breaks, especially since you may be too tired at the end of the day to remember.




A typical day in the life of a spatula wielder… with social media integration!


You would need to open the restaurant to clean and set up the place before the official time customers would start trooping in. Your opening hours would most likely be determined by the type of meals you intend to serve.


Mornings are the best time to pick out fresh produce. It’s great to a supplier who delivers early enough so you can make the best selection. Try to find a credible supplier – it’s bad enough that you have to be up early; you really don’t want an early morning squabble.


If you plan to serve breakfast meals at your restaurant, then your day will most likely start off earlier. Serving breakfast meals is a great way to draw in workers that need a venue for morning meetings or those who didn’t have time to eat breakfast before leaving home, and for these reasons you will be busiest when it comes to the serving breakfast meals during weekdays. Most of your patrons will not be hanging around because they’ll have to dash off to work after their meals. This means you’d most likely not have time to take pictures of your meals before serving your customers, but you could take pictures of a packed restaurant, or one of the dishes of a group meal while you’re filling up the rest of the plates. Customers that order in groups may be a tad bit more patient than those who order individually.


Your posts should be simple, with a bit of humor if you can handle it. If there are any specials, you could slide it in subtly, like this for example:


Full House… I wish I had an octopus for a waiter to get all these orders across in good time! Everyone seems to want to get a bite of our Monday Special… maybe because it comes with a free cup of coffee!!!


Lunch is one of the best times for business people as well; eating something while relaxing off that tense meeting during their break. The best kind of menu should be something that would be prepared quickly and of course, very tasty.


If you’re the one who manages the restaurant, make sure they see you. Walk by and say hello, ask them if they need anything and let them know about free refills if you offer any. Once the customers get familiar with you, they may even be comfortable with you taking a picture of them, just to put something real on your timeline. Even if you’re the chef behind the scene, you could get your manager to do that. Regardless of who the front-man is, try not to overdo things, so people don’t feel like you’re invading their personal space – they did come to relax before heading back to their various duties, after all.


Since they are in more relaxed moods, you’d most likely have a little time to take pictures of customers’ orders before serving. You could even talk about your refills in your posts:


Have your grilled chicken and fries with some iced coke! We promise you no extra charge when you need a refill!



Evenings would most likely be your busiest time, so the best time to get yourself some time off to rest and prepare for the influx is in the afternoon, while the number of customers that came for lunch is dwindling. Have some food and take a nap if you can, because you’re gonna need all the energy you can muster.


Once you are ready for the evening, let the staff in on the night’s specials, and maybe even wine you are trying to create awareness for. These are things you should also have posted on your social media, with maybe the bottle of wine if possible:


It’s seafood Wednesday! Come by and have our sautéed prawns served with the spiciest dip you’ve ever come across, if you dare!

The latest wine from the juiciest vines in France will be sitting on a bucket of ice waiting for you at a discount price if you would stop by tonight!



Still unsure if it’s worth it? Wait and see how many dishes pile up in the sink and maybe (just maybe) you’d begin to ask yourself why you didn’t decide to wield your spatula earlier.


3 top restaurant sites


Man is always is in search of something which leads to the ideal. Generally people can’t realize most of their dreams because a lake of time. Now  days it is more easy for the new generation to handle few things at the same time via virtual world that is called the   “Internet”.
Anyone can find any information which he wants. Honestly speaking it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Well, I am not going to speak about disadvantages I want only show the best part of it which you can profit. One of the best part is   that it’s not mostly likely to find useful, available, diverse, colorful, spectacular, places in TV or a book rather than in cooking sites.
So let’s go  to the main topic.
Why home cooking is important? Because  food is central of our lives. Cooking sites are real salvation of new generation. In one word they are usual details of our life. See how your family feels as you work together in the kitchen to create a level of harmony and good health that is only possible when food is prepared in a loving manner and eaten slowly with others.

One of the important dots of preparing meals at home you can save money. So try making your cooking easier and save some money while you are at it. The second and interesting dot is you can save your time. Yes, it’s real. In the time it takes to drive a restaurant, wait for your order return home and serve the meal, you could have made a three-course meal from scratch with time to sit and chew slowly.

Continuing I can say cooking can help you develop a numbers of skills that can transfer to other areas of life. There are few dots which occupied   the readers.

  • How much is popular that site?
  • How many subscribers has the site?
  • How available it presents for readers or visitors
  • And, finely is it useful?

Looking in these dots I can say I segregate three top sites for me. The first   site which I would like to introduce is “ Hexineh.com”. Why this one I guess every woman will be interested by her traditional kitchen, so I am.
She is a typical Armenian woman who lives in America but she never forgets her roots. It is awesome for me. Besides that she is a very interesting master of cooking. Her videos are “spiced with family color” which is keeping strong connection with both sides. Watching one or two videos by Hexine you cannot disconnect of her family members and why not with her. in the end of videos she tastes, be lauds and ripens the right side.
The next site which I prefer to visit is “101cookbooks.com”. this site has parts which are  more interesting and why not important for many people.

From first view it’s very simple and not attractive,  but it is not true. This site can help you vary your routine of eating. It makes an effort to do what you want and you will have the expected result.

The third top site is “lovebakesgoodcakes.com”. When you are integrated into such a hobby, you can’t stop to reveal new programs, channels, shows, magazines, sites, etc. As a woman I like my kitchen and every period of the life I want learn and try new things. . I like to make improvises, but sometimes my fantasia is done so it comes for help my beloved sites which I have mention above.
This sites can change your treatment  of cooking. When you haven’t experience in this area it’s doesn’t matter. Cooking is simply fun, you just need to give a try. I hope you will discover a new world for creating test. Good luck.